I'd like to extend my thanks to the creator of this site for his generosity and hard work.

I created this gallery because I like being able to look at my collection without the hazards of moving the actual art around.

Please do not take or reproduce any of the cels, sketches, or other art shown here without my permission. I've seen my scans show up all over the web, hence the request.

News & Updates

12/15/2016Bizarro world has been interesting, but now I'd like to go back.
12/20/2010Here we are again.
1/25/2008Yep, still nerdy.
3/20/2005This year, give her English Muffins.

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Title Last Updated
.hack//Sign 5/5/2016
Aeon Flux 12/5/2016
AKIRA 11/2/2017
Angel's Egg - Tenshi no Tamago 8/22/2014
Backgrounds 1/18/2017
Batman: The Animated Series 7/6/2018
Beavis and Butthead 3/2/2018
Bleach 5/24/2018
BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo 2/24/2005
Darkstalkers - Night Warriors 9/13/2013
Dexter's Laboratory 12/5/2016
Dr. Slump 5/29/2012
Dragonball Z 8/30/2017
Duckman 5/9/2018
Golden Boy 6/15/2018
Gundam Wing - Epyon 6/10/2016
Gundam Wing - Mecha 6/15/2018
Gundam Wing - Opening I & II 6/9/2015
Gundam Wing - People 3/2/2018
Inspector Gadget 2/12/2018
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 1993 2/12/2018
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 2000 7/7/2017
Macross Plus 11/25/2012
Miscellaneous 3/29/2017
Mon Colle Knights 4/18/2003
Ouran High School Host Club 3/20/2009
Pokémon - Pokemon 1/28/2013
Ren and Stimpy 8/19/2016
Riding Bean 4/4/2003
Roujin Z 8/22/2014
Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 7/5/2007
The Secret of Nimh 6/15/2003
The Simpsons 2/12/2018
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 5/11/2007

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