Black Mirror

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I like to think of this gallery as my own little museum, although my collection isn't very large or all that impressive.

I started collecting because of an original sketch that was given to my by a cartoonist friend back in 1993.

I try to take excellent care of my cels, but their lines can still fade with time. After being frustrated by some of the line fading issues I've had to deal with over the years, I decided to focus on collecting sketches (douga/genga/layouts/etc).

There are a mix of old and new scans, and sometimes the thumbnail sizes vary. If that's a thing that bothers you, then I apologize!

Thanks for checking out my gallery. I hope you like it.


Curator: Shemp
Gallery Created: 2/25/2003
Hits: 33381

Presentation 8.27/10   Collection 8.68/10   Overall 8.50/10   Votes 51 votes
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